Episode 51 - Awakening to Service with Brenden Durrell


There is always another edge to jump off of. For our guest, Brenden “Bam” Durrell, that edge included retiring from pro-baseball, learning how to love unconditionally, and allowing himself to be heard and seen. Bam also shares lessons on embracing discomfort and seeing beyond the financial aspect of abundance mindset.

Show Notes:

  • A number of false starts are common in the process of becoming a man.
  • Loving conditionally – not living in King/Lover archetypal energies.
  • Embracing challenges vs. being triggered by small criticisms
  • Lessons from being a professional baseball player
  • How the culture surrounding professional sports can be toxic
  • How a trip to Hawaii led to a life changing awakening
  • There is always another edge to jump off
  • How traveling can lead to spiritual bypassing
  • Why Bam’s first whole year in men’s work has been transformational
  • Willingness to be in discomfort – it’s how we grow
  • The stuff we want to hide from others is actually more common than we think
  • Abundance mindset – it’s not just about money
  • Most important value as a man – Integrity

You can follow Bam on Instagram @innerlightwarrior for inspirational posts and great memes!


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