Episode 48 - Authentic Attraction with Jeffrey Platts

In our quest for romance and sex, we often put up an act in order to look more attractive. This often results in mismatched partners or lonely nights. There is a better way to date, it requires courage and a willingness to share our genuine self. Learn how with men’s coach and dating expert Jeffrey Platts, as he contributes to the conversation around purpose, manhood, gender, and intentional dating.


Topics Covered (in order)

  • Difference between a Boy and a Man
  • How to define gender
  • The importance of getting clear on definitions/terminology
  • How single men can make space for a women in their lives
  • The hidden power of Emotional Warriors


Show Notes:


  • Boy and Man Energy – A man takes ownership and has taken time to choose who he is and who he wants to become. A boy bounces around, reacting to life.
  • The Boy archetype can take the lead when the situation is right – in moments of playfulness and creativity.
  • Masculine/Feminine can easily become a binary way of looking at the world.
  • If everyone around you looks and thinks the same, it might be time to switch it up
  • Where do I get my validation from?
  • Getting clear on terminology at the onset of any conversation around masculinity.
  • Where men’s rights fits into this conversation
  • What advice single men need to find partnership
  • There is no sense in putting up a false face to attract a partner
  • Having a strong filter with women requires we know who we are
  • Avoid the rose colored glasses – relationships are never issue-free
  • Why Emotional Warriors deserve as much praise and respect as the physical warriors
  • Sitting and Facing your struggles instead of distracting yourself is a true mark of a Warrior.

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