Episode 46: Reveal the Still Space with Tom Shelstad

In our high paced world filled with social media, work, and errands to run, being present can seem impossible. Our guest, Inner Guide adept Tom Shelstad introduces us to the magic that unfolds once we allow the Still Space into our days. This journey into stillness makes it easier to truly Be Seen, which unlocks freedom and confidence.



  • A voice comes when we are quiet, but we are so fucking BUSY
  • Technology can be overwhelming; what is it like when you try a day without it?
  • Question to freeze a man: What do you REALLY want?
  • Get out of your head. Find that place within you before thought.
  • The heart of meditation is about revealing and allowing the still point.
  • Everything becomes more obvious when we find that point
  • You are not the totality of the biography that you’ve been
  • Make your breath on this planet count
  • Operation Fuck Yeah: Do what is meaningful now. Don’t wait.
  • Feminine is the alter, it is grounding
  • Tapping into the feminine power means learning to allow vs. striving/solving
  • “Try something different, surrender” – Rumi
  • Whatever stands after the practice (meditation, mindfulness, etc) is what is real
  • True belonging involves being seen
  • Truly “Being Seen” is not about trying to be something or acting from what we could become.
  • Once we are seen, and know it, we unlock freedom and confidence.
  • From that point, the fun begins because we allow transformation.
  • Letting things stand on their own merit vs leading with our ego’s
  • Being willing to be the unpopular guy by getting uncomfortable.
  • Stop thinking you know what’s best for others based on your background; LISTEN to them
  • Integrating big life changing moments into our lives is key; the memories can easily start to feel like distant dreams.
  • Integrity: Do your actions match your words?

Tom Shelstad leads customized, growth and expansion based expeditions for all ages, find out more from InnerGuideExpeditions.com or call 541.261.4959 

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