Episode 45: Ancient Circle Tech with Kevin Oroszlán

An initiated man is in touch with his North Star. Such a man expresses his life with honor and alignment to his Vision. One of the vital components of initiation includes membership with a male-only group using time tested agreements and structures. Our guest, Kevin Oroszlán, has gathered wisdom from traditions around the globe and shares his vision of what masculine culture can look like when we radically open our hearts.



  • The Boy archetype is simply an uninitiated Man. The initiated man is in touch with his North Star, or Mission/Vision.
  • Types of practices used to gain wisdom: yogic breath work, learning from Elliot Hulse, Osho dynamic meditation, Mushrooms, and Ayahuasca, among others.
  • It’s possible to be initiated at any age. In a more intentional community, that time would be during the teen years.
  • Women’s empowerment is picking up and has been since the 1960’s. Men’s movement never took off besides a couple projects. The movement is not yet mainstream.  
  • One of the most critical methods for allowing your life to change is to meet in men’s groups.
  • Men’s circles are becoming the leading edge in our culture. It will perpetuate with our intention and focus.
  • The importance of calling each other up and into whatever issue or “problem” is at hand.
  • Using commitments and goals to hold each other accountable
  • How easy it is to form a men’s circle with only 3 or 5 guys – online is an option
  • Why having even one person of the opposite gender in your company changes the energy
  • Why people will start popping the seal on what they’ve been hiding once a safe space is established.
  • The Circle is ancient tech – it was used in planning, leading, electing, expressing emotions, etc… also is used extensively in healthy cultures.
  • Everyone levels up from witnessing the process of others
  • Men will act out in self harmful ways until they confront their shadows.  
  • Build the Light, it’s not about defeating the dark.
  • How to overcome the aversion to masculine touch in the homophobic culture here in the USA.

How to Connect with Kevin Oroszlán – Find out more about working 1 on 1 with Kevin and check out his online men’s circles at DivineMasculine.live and at MysticMisfits.com

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