Episode 42: Breaking Normal with Daniel Eisenman

Words and language are among the most powerful and fundamental devices in our creative toolbox. How intentional and aware are we about the words and meanings we give the world? The words we choose create our reality, subconsciously or not.  Learn how to break approval seeking patterns, speak our truth, and find our inner leader with our guest, nomadic author, coach, facilitator, and founder of Tribe Design International, Daniel Eisenman.



  • Until we break the normal patterns guiding our lives, we stay stuck in approval seeking mode
  • The words we choose generate our reality, so choose consciously
  • Question the meanings we assign to words, especially when we describe ourselves or our experience
  • How modern man has accepted a guiding philosophy that is predicated upon approval seeking behavior
  • Why we confuse love with approval.
  • How to heal our families with the power of authenticity and independence
  • People who we love and are close to us are typically over protective and might be preventing us from anti-fragile learning opportunities.
  • Too many geniuses are not teaming up with one another because they disagree about a few things
  • Everyone is a leader, even if the only person they are leading is themselves.
  • A leader is someone who can express what is most important, most confidently, in the shortest period of time.
  • Why do we hold onto baggage? Baggage is keeping around an old person, place, idea, or philosophy that has already served its purpose. We cling to the known.
  • The most successful person is the one willing to have the most uncomfortable conversations
  • How to get clear on boundaries and agreements from the start of any relationship or endeavor.

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