Episode 41: Total Dream Dedication with Alex Terranova

A man chooses in service of his commitments, and a boy chooses in service of his feelings. Without dedication and movement in consistent direction, our dreams will stay in the ethers. How deeply connected are you to your dream and vision?  Our guest, the original DreamMason, Alex Terranova shares the details on how to combine presence and action to manifest our dreams.



  • A man chooses in service of his commitments, and a boy chooses in service of his feelings.
  • A free man doesn’t have any choices, only commitments.
  • How to use our vision and dreams as a filter for our choices.
  • Masculine energy is the action, while the feminine is the presence. Every human contains both energies and learns how to wield both.
  • The language and definitions around feminine and masculine trip us up – the way words are defined keeps us in a box.
  • Dream mason – building dreams one brick at a time, there is no overnight secret formula.
  • First step in dream building – identify our past stories filled with limiting beliefs.
  • Does our story support our vision?
  • Practical wisdom on making big changes in our lives: Change the people you spend time with and practice positivity, even if it feels fake at first.
  • Without the way our past went, there is no way we could be where we are today
  • There is no such thing as wasted time, there is simply more experience to learn from.
  • We can clean up our past mistakes by connecting to those we feel we have wronged.
  • When building our dreams it can be easy to get lost in what we don’t have; never forget to appreciate and recognize the work we’ve completed.
  • If you are taking the same action repeatedly and not getting the desired result, something is off
  • Answer is not always to do more.
  • Simple message to men: Love yourselves first. Before women, money, social impact, or anything else out there, we must start within.
  • No one can love us better than we can do for ourselves, and we won’t fill the cup of another without filling our cup first.

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