Episode 39: Why Warriors Surrender with Ricky Goodall

Along the path we often discover unconscious stories and patterns that run our lives. Once we become aware, we can consciously choose a new path. No matter how messy or chaotic our childhoods were, we have the power to change, as our guest demonstrates. Ricky Goodall, former professional fighter and self mastery expert, shares fantastic stories that highlight the beauty of perspective, courage, and surrender.



  • Ricky Goodall is a self mastery coach, wisdom healer, founder of Elevated Academy, plant medicine explorer, musician, and martial arts practitioner.
  • Fire left to its own devices will destroy itself; that’s why it needs the other elements to unleash its power.
  • Humanity is undergoing a massive shift in consciousness
  • Discomfort is part of the growth process. We can lean into it or feel victimized by it.
  • Comfort and discomfort both have their value. Problems arise when we want life to be comfortable 100% of the time
  • Ricky shares his tumultuous upbringing and what that experience taught him
  • How all our limiting beliefs and false stories are actually serving us in some way, often by giving us the illusion of safety. Either we want it or think we deserve it
  • How ego is a masterful illusionist
  • Ricky’s experience being a professional fighter
  • How he conquered fear and learned how to invent his own persona.
  • The importance of martial arts
  • Lessons from plant medicine ceremonies
  • The power and true meaning of surrender
  • Why surrender is an act of courage, not of cowardice
  • Why humility is the root of power

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