Episode 37: The Savage Saint Flow with Michael Holt

Being a man goes far beyond simply expressing masculine energy. Having the courage to lean into the dark places, into our feminine side, and into any archetypal energy that makes us uncomfortable is where our growth will happen. Our guest, holistic practitioner and vitality expert Michael Holt shares his insights on becoming a multi-dimensional man and redefines the term “alpha male”.  


Topics Covered:

  • Don’t outsource peace, it comes from within.
  • Why the external world won’t shift without doing the inner work.
  • How walking the path brings about options for service.
  • Questions to ask yourself throughout the day: Is this aligned with my mission? Is this a step forward or backward?
  • People and opportunities appear out of nowhere once we are on the path.
  • How the darkness and confusing times can be a gift.
  • Why we miss out on opportunities for growth when we are too rigid in one pole
  • The differences between the Savage and the Saint archetypal energies.
  • The benefits and importance of walking the Middle Path and embodying all energies.
  • How to take criticism as a gift and the upsides of being in a men’s circle.
  • Redefining the term “alpha male” from it’s stereotypical popular definition.
  • How compartmentalizing ourselves leads to inauthenticity.
  • How would you walk if you had the body you desire? Or the money you want to have? Embody it now!
  • If you are low on confidence, standing as a king will be difficult. Lean into the discomfort and find where in the body it occurs.
  • Once you fill yourself with love it has no where else to go but out.

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