Episode 36: Walking the Plant Soul Path with Alexander Hill

The masculine thrives on challenge and competition. Without a sense of unity and higher purpose, that energy easily becomes destructive. By integrating challenge with spirituality and fearlessly stepping into the unknown, our guest Alexander Hill made massive life changes. He shares his transformational journey from NYC hustler to soul centered plant medicine healer and coach.


Topics Covered:

  • How we distract ourselves from pain using material gains
  • Why we overindulge to cover our truth
  • Remembering that we all progress at a different rate
  • Living without oneness and unity leads to misalignment
  • There is no cutting corners, karma will always find us
  • How to direct the masculine’s natural competitive nature into a positive force
  • Why leaving our comfort zone is necessary for growth
  • The difficulties and beauty of stepping into a new reality
  • How ayahuasca changed his life
  • Living with misdiagnosed mental illness
  • Overcoming the generational and ancestral suppression of the masculine
  • How to reconnect with nature and the plant world
  • Proof the universe has your back
  • Everything is meant to happen, we don’t know all the details in the greater plan.
  • The importance of humility and humor, especially when we stumble

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