As men on a mission, we often neglect our bodies in our empire building pursuits. We lose sight that our power is sustainably ten-fold when we are in peak shape. We will never support a grand vision over the long run without pristine physical health. Fitness master Tyson Brown guides us to question our body image story and, with patience and discipline, follow a personalized plan to achieve lasting wellbeing.


Topics Covered:

  • How to be in better relationship with our bodies
  • Unhealthy messages and the culture of fitness industry have created a certain expectation and story.
  • American machismo culture has spread around the globe
  • Imposter syndrome and comparing ourselves to what we see on Instagram.
  • “The Adonis Complex” – men striving to reach unrealistic body goals
    • “Bigorexia” – inverse of anorexia, never having big enough muscles.
  • How to be productive vs obsessive when it comes to eating clean and working out
  • Forget blanket statements about protein, fats, or certain exercises. We all have unique body types and goals.
  • Setting our goals based on what is right for us. Are six pack abs necessary for us?
  • The first step in beginning any fitness plan is to take detailed measurements including tracking weight, progress, exercises, diet, and energy levels.
    • Seems like a lot of work, and it is. Nothing major will change without this investment.
    • Do the homework and get expert advice, don’t go out there and wing it with a Frankenstein plan.
    • It takes more time in the beginning, once you are rolling with a program, less time is spent recording.
  • Make short term goals along the way to give yourself dopamine hits and confidence boosters. Your long term goals should be a stretch but also realistic.
  • Why we will never get anywhere near our dreams without being patient
  • The importance of long lasting health to support a greater vision
  • Small changes stack and over time, big moves are made
  • Chasing happiness is an endless pursuit that is going to leave you less happy at the end of the day
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting, including daily fasts and creating windows of times to eat
    • Gives our bodies and minds the freedom to focus on endeavors besides food
    • Our ancestors did not eat food evenly throughout the day/week.
  • We won’t feel capable of our big vision without getting the physical aspect down first.
  • Do you feel energized, alive, and physically fit and how is that impacting your life?


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