The growth and transformation of our high tech, modern world has been so rapid that we have lost track of what is truly important. Many of the problems we face today have simple answers based on indigenous wisdom. These turbulent times call for a New Story, and master artist/producer Tony Moss shares his insights on how to embody ancient wisdom while utilizing the gifts of modernity.


Topics Covered:

  • How to flow between masculine and feminine energies.
  • How people of color and those in urban populations respond to the masculine/feminine conversation.
  • Embracing the feminine for it’s gifts and braving the backlash others may project
  • No one is more or less of man than anyone else
  • Clarifying the meaning behind the “return of the feminine” sentiment popular in New Age communities.
  • Is today’s average man overly feminine or hyper masculine?
  • The effect of the Industrial Age on rites of passage
  • How the breakdown of the elder – youth relationship has interrupted the transfer of wisdom.
  • The elder learns how to lead and teach by young people asking questions and wanting to learn.
  • Why young men gravitate to rites of passage such as the sweat lodge and vision quest.
  • The importance of respect given to the elder class in indigenous cultures.
  • How the indigenous view the mid-life crisis as a natural process.
  • Your age does not always equate with what stage of life you are in.
  • The meaning of the Eagle – Condor prophecy
  • How to apply indigenous wisdom in today’s modern world
  • How the invention of the computer and internet has changed mankind in a massive way, and it will take time for us to figure out what this change means.
  • A man without a clear purpose falls into boredom, and then turns to vices to pass the time.
  • Life as a circle: indigenous youth are going to the cities for jobs and technology as the city people are realizing the importance of connecting with nature.
  • Difference between cultural appropriation and being inclusive about adapting practices from other cultures.
  • Slow down and learn to listen to the richness of the moment.  

Tony is LA based and you can connect with him and his work at

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