Episode 31: The WarriorSage: Creating Balance in the Modern World

Traditional masculinity and “machismo” has dominated the conversation of manhood over the past few generations. Now is the time to expand and advance what it means to be a multi-dimensional man, a man who can respond to any challenge with whatever is needed of him in that moment. Satyen Raja, founder and creator of WarriorSage, presents a dynamic process for examining our unique balance of the Warrior and Sage entities and how to be a man in the modern world while creating a new paradigm.

Topics Covered:


  • Self-reliance and self-responsibility define the difference between a boy and a man
  • A boy’s world is self-centric, while a man is thinking about the world
  • The conquering, destructive masculine and its presence in our world leadership
  • The 3 stages of Man: Old-school, Modern man, and the WarriorSage
  • Gaining access to the full spectrum of manhood: masculine and feminine energies
  • Discussing the feminization of men and the challenges for millenials
  • Challenging ourselves to develop our less dominant energy (masculine or feminine, yin vs. yang)
  • Me, We, and The Greater Good: mindsets of the developing man
  • Focusing on the short-range targets and taking short leaps to make long-term growth
  • Discussing the dawning era of the New Man
  • Daily mantra to connect with our highest expression of man:
    • Ask ourselves: “What must I do today to live, love, and die completely without regret?”
  • Why it’s important for us to fill our cup first before giving
  • “Crushing it” or Getting Crushed – the cost of the modern hustle mentality
  • “Go forward with a lowered importance on your goals” – being more spacious and patient with our process (concerted action with lowered importance)
  • Emphasizing the importance of having mentors and brothers to support us on our journey – “Community is the next guru”

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