What does a “brother” look like to you? Few men are fortunate enough to have other men in their lives who they can bare all to without judgment. Who they can share their triumphs and challenges with, and be met by open ears and an open heart. Today’s guest is none other than my best friend and soul brother, Phil Gomez. We dive in to life behind the mask and why it’s CRITICAL for every man to have a circle of brothers to support him.


Topics Covered:

  • Fears associated with stepping into the unknown
  • Why we choose to live behind a mask, even with our closest friends
  • Getting away from approval seeking behaviors
  • Journey to discovering one’s purpose
  • Why it’s important as men to hold each other accountable
  • Competition amongst friends and how it can strain friendships OR strengthen them
  • Uncovering our blindspots by being on a Men’s Team or in a Men’s Circle
  • The greater impact of supporting your brother and holding him to a high standard
  • Making decisions that affect ME vs. decisions that affect EVERYONE
  • Taking a step back to establish your values
  • Enrolling your romantic partner in your life vision
  • What is “victimhood”? And, why is it important to get past it?
  • The importance of taking risks WITHOUT trying to be perfect
  • The secret weapon to becoming a solid man and accessing our power
  • Taking responsibility for our energy and how it affects those around us

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