Many of us have not yet seen what we are REALLY capable of. Whether it’s events from our past or beliefs we have about ourselves that keep us playing small, we are only one step away from beginning to unlock our true power. Brandon Bozarth, the Founder of the Institute of Integrated Self Training, joins us today to share why men feel disempowered, the psychology behind limiting beliefs, and how you can discover and unleash your power.

Topics Covered:

  • A man knows who he is and takes action towards living his purpose
  • The boy that lives in us is connected to our fun, adventure, exploration, and discovery
  • Going back-and-forth between our boy and our man depending on what’s called for and needed of us
  • Acknowledging that men and women possess both masculine and feminine qualities
  • Integrating masculine and feminine within ourselves instead of rejecting the feminine (i.e because it’s gay, weak, etc.)
  • The quiet strength of saying very little and speaking just enough
  • Taking responsibility for our own change and transformation
  • Why it’s easier to stay the same than to ask ourselves honest questions
  • “You can’t change anything that you’re not willing to take responsibility for”
  • The importance of acknowledging and expressing our emotions so they don’t build up
  • The disempowerment behind big muscles, money, and sexual prowess
  • Taking action towards one thing you’re passionate about is the first step to living in our power
  • The difference between false power (domination accounting for feeling powerless internally) and genuine power (presence and alignment)
  • Pursue what you’re doing with 100% excitement and everything will align for you
  • Reframing the “I’m stuck“ story
  • Living in your power and following the breadcrumbs towards your purpose
  • Making powerful choices that defy logic and reason


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