Episode 28: The Medicine for Toxic Masculinity

“Toxic Masculinity” is a phrase that’s been thrown around recently to describe the wounded, dark, pain-stricken expression of the masculine. It’s the result of inauthentic expression, hiding our true voice, and failing to create a culture where men can be seen and heard. Drake Reno shares with us his experiences with the toxic masculine, seeking to heal his own toxicity through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and plant medicines in the jungles of Peru, and how we can reshape masculine culture moving forward.

Topics Covered:

  • The difference between communicating and talking
  • Why feeling safe is a prerequisite for sharing authentically
  • The anxiety and tension that arise when we try to communicate our truth to others
  • The work never stops, it only goes to the next level: the “Guru” complex
  • Genuine sharing and authentic presence is the most attractive way to show up
  • The difference between masculinity and femininity
  • Defining “toxic masculinity” and understanding where it comes from
  • The many facets of a fully integrated man
  • Discovering parts of ourselves we haven’t tapped into
  • Recognizing that our internal dialogue does not necessarily match reality
  • Using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) – logic and reason behind language and the stories we create about our reality
  • Journeying into the Jungle for healing – plant medicines, Ayahuasca, and shamanic journeying
  • How to navigate around the trendiness of plant medicines to find the authentic source
  • Hearing the call to purpose and answering it

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