When we start to ask ourselves the question, “Is there more I am capable of?”, our journey to self-discovery begins. It’s not easy at first – digesting self-help books, podcasts, and YouTube videos. At some point, we must confront ourselves and be honest with who we are, who we’ve been, and who we want to be. Travis Roznos came through this week to discuss how easy it is to “hide out” in the sea of self-help information, why a men’s circle is essential for every man, and the key to personal growth.

Topics Covered:

  • Self-awareness and self-discovery are signature characteristics of a man
  • Boys have less inhibitions masking their true essence
  • Growing up without a father figure or strong masculine presence in the home
  • Learning what it means to be a man in the locker room
  • Armoring ourselves as young men to hide our pain
  • The importance of authentic male-to-male mentorship, especially in the sports realm
  • Signing up for the corporate path after college and recognizing when it stops working for you
  • Consuming information WITHOUT doing the work
  • The beginning of the personal development journey – reading books, listening to podcasts, seeking mentors
  • Hiding behind the information (books, podcasts, blogs, etc.) and taking the BIG LEAP
  • The reasons why we hide behind the mask and the ever-present “fear of failure”
  • The practice of facing our fears and leaning into our edges – do the SCARIEST thing next!
  • Suppressing our fears and anxiety in the body – Fight, Flight, Freeze and Appease
  • Gathering information from our challenges – flipping the context of “challenge” so that we can conquer our fears
  • The Wisdom of the Pack, and why EVERY man needs a circle of men in his life
  • Accountability amongst men
  • How we heal as men – sometimes YOUR story inspires and empowers another man who is listening and witnessing your process

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