Staring into darkness, alone and depressed, quietly living in the wake of adversity that seems to big to possibly overcome. This is the existence for many men, and the reason why over 70% of suicides are committed by men. Today’s guest, Jacque Ecuyer, shares his own experience with darkness and depression, loss of loved ones, rising to meet the challenges of life, and asking for help.

Topics Covered:

  • Holding the weight and burden of depression alone, and why community support is ESSENTIAL
  • When men learned to do it all by themselves and NOT ask for help
  • The balance of protecting our children and allowing them to experience challenge and adversity in life (i.e. death, sadness, failure)
  • Trusting the choices we make as parents and accepting the outcomes (there is NO perfection in parenting)
  • Why we ALL get to decide what manhood, masculinity, and our roles as men are for ourselves based on our values
  • Sharing our experiences and values for others, whether they choose to take them on or not
  • Why being too comfortable is the root of many of our problems as a society
  • What is the difference between masculine and feminine?
  • Learning to recognize which version of us is needed in a specific situation (strong and grounded vs. gentle and connected, or anything else)
  • Love and connection is the simplest human need
  • Why we as men tend to keep our emotions close to the cuff (wearing the mask)
  • How social issues, such as school shootings and bullying, start at home (what are they seeing/experiencing at home?)

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