Each of us has a story, experiences, and circumstances that have shaped who we’ve become. Whether good or bad, these moments create an imprint on our body and mind that affect how we show up in the world. Will Rezin is a high-performance coach who has discovered that the key to transformation is in your heart, your body, and your nervous system.

Topics Covered:

  • Mysticism, the Hero’s journey, and rituals that mark passage into manhood
  • Do rites of passage happen whether we create them or not?
  • Boys learn what it is to be man by observing other men and modeling the behavior
  • How trauma that we experience continues to live in our bodies
  • Trauma can be defined as an unresolved charge or energy living in our body
  • The habitual patterns we develop in response to trauma and danger
  • What happens to our bodies when we don’t express and process trauma and our experiences in their entirety
  • How our experiences shape who we become and how we respond to our environment
  • Learning to embrace challenge
  • Importance of connection when it comes to rearing children
  • Learning how to notice our emotions and express them fully
  • Doing the work on yourself and taking care of you
  • Becoming a man with a transgender parent
  • Internalizing our parents’ stories
  • LIVE Somatic Experiencing Exercise

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