Topping off Father’s Month here in June, I decided to step back in front of the mic for a solo episode. In this one, I share my 5 biggest realizations in fatherhood thus far – including the difference between rules and boundaries, slowing down for the teachable moments, and the importance of passing on values. I also answered a couple of questions about fatherhood from men in The Rising Man Facebook Group.

Topics Covered:

  • The difference between boys and men: values and choices
  • Top 5 BIGGEST Realizations on Fatherhood
    1. Slowing down for the teachable moments
    2. It is NOT about me!
    3. Rules vs. Boundaries – one of the MOST important distinctions to make
    4. Raising children: Actions are GREATER than Words
    5. The importance of passing on values
  • Questions from the Rising Men
    • If, When, and How do you plan on taking your son on a Rites of Passage? (courtesy of Spencer Raymond Madden)
    • How do you balance spending time during the most influential time of their lives (the first 7 years) with earning money and providing for them? (courtesy of Drew Drake)

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