Expectations of sex created by the boom of pornography, sex in entertainment, and the taboos of sexuality have caused men to diminish and hide our true selves. Tah Whitty interrupts the social norms with his message of radical self-honesty. In this episode, we discuss why it is essential to own who we are, the power of acknowledging other men, and how we can reshape the culture of sexuality before it’s too late.

Topics Covered:

  • The mask that men wear when it comes to their sexuality
  • How our environment and the beliefs we inherit shape the identity we create about ourselves
  • Becoming the truest version of ourselves
  • The costs when we deny our true selves and hide out
  • The taboos of sexuality and the disruptions they cause within us
  • The power in full transparency and owning who we are
  • Vulnerability and safety go hand in hand
  • Shaking off our emotions and moving on
  • What “holding space” really means
  • Processing emotions through physical movement
  • Mastering your microbiome
  • Looking inward for the answers
  • Working together to better ourselves instead of looking to one up each other
  • Empowering and acknowledging other men, King to King
  • How pornography has shaped the culture of sexuality
  • Why lack of sexual satisfaction in relationship can lead to porn addiction
  • Radical self-honesty or resentment
  • If something is not working for you and your life, evaluate and adjust
  • The need for structure that distinguishes a man from a boy
  • Learning feminine behaviors from our mothers while trying to embody masculinity
  • The value of self love and appreciation
  • Finding your chosen family

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