Episode 16: Raising Ourselves and the Next Generations

How do you become a “man”? And, what does that even mean? The absence of cultural practices that signify a boy’s passage into manhood has left our entire generation in search of a new way to define ourselves as “men”. Joshua Hathaway explains the how the absence of rites of passage in our culture has created an opportunity for us to revitalize some old ways and adapt new ways for raising our men.

Topics Covered:

  • Men live their lives according to principles and values, while boys are still out looking for fun and adventure
  • The cost of not having rites of passage rituals for boys in modern cultures
  • How the growing complexity of our society creates an even greater need for community
  • The unique challenges that millennial men are facing
  • Revitalizing an old way of raising boys to become men – Apprenticeship
  • Embodying your own values in front of younger man as an important form of mentorship
  • Young men need opportunities to succeed AND fail in their own right
  • Learning how to be with failure – a critical step to preparing for life
  • The merits of independence and interdependence, why BOTH are essential
  • Why it’s so important to be willing to fail and suck at what you do for a while
  • Different ways of dealing with the rebellious nature of teens
  • The importance of self-care when you become a parent
  • Instilling values into your children instead of managing their behavior
  • Why we look for validation from our children…and everyone else
  • Getting support from other parents and adults while you’re on the journey of being a parent
  • The power of Empathy Calls – how to set one up
  • Just listen! Stop trying to fix people
  • Emotional words list – https://wire.wisc.edu/quizzesnmore/Emotionwords.aspx
  • The universal human needs list – https://www.cnvc.org/Training/needs-inventory
  • No bs communication dojo on FB
  • Thebrotherhoodcommunity.com

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