What happens when you combine purpose, essence, and magic together within the same person? According to David Lion – master illusionist, mentalist, and hypnotist – you find the core of your being and the source from which you can be of service to others. In this episode, we draw distinctions between the light and shadow side of ourselves, discuss the practical applications of “magic”, reflect upon the journey to self-mastery, and identify how to overcome the fear of failure once and for all.

Topics Covered:

  • When we don’t know what the difference between a boy and a man is
  • The challenges of building relationships, connecting with others, and being who we truly are power growing up
  • Compassion is the key to not taking things personally
  • Discovering the unique gifts you have in order to connect with others: finding ways to make other people feel good
  • How the fear of failure cripples us from taking bold action
  • Seizing your moment and changing your life forever
  • Diligently practicing your craft
  • When you’re living your passion, it can feel effortless
  • How do invest a large amount of time for a small amount of return… and why you would do this
  • Giving yourself permission to find your purpose, no matter what it takes
  • Accepting that fear never goes away, we just learn how to be with it differently
  • How focusing on serving others can cure you of your fear of failure
  • Sacrificing your identity at the cost of impressing others
  • Discovering your blind spot and what you’ve been missing – shifting your perception to up-level your life
  • The distinction between who you think you are and who you truly are
  • Embracing our shadow side
  • The distinction between “shadow” and “darkness”
  • Why we suppress our truth and our authentic expression in exchange for making sure people will like us
  • The cost of not expressing ourselves fully
  • Creating synchronicity in our lives: do what you feel like doing versus what you HAVE to do

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