Learning how to engage with and rise above adversity is an essential skill for winning in life. However, many men still choose escape rather than stepping up to break through life’s challenges. Cam Adair – founder of Gamequitters.com, international speaker, YouTuber, and researcher – believes the fear of failure is at the root of this problem. Tune in to learn about the patterns that lead to addictive behaviors (including gaming), how to redefine failure, and celebrating small wins on the way to greatness.

Topics Covered:

  • A man learns how to handle adversity with responsibility
  • Behind-the-scenes of gaming addiction: The Great Escape
  • The 4 Basic Human/Emotional Needs that Gaming fulfills
    1. Escape from stress
    2. Social connection
    3. Constant measurable growth
    4. Sense of purpose
  • Understanding why games and other addictions suck us in so easily
  • To give up gaming is to BECOME the social outcast – what to do
  • Not being part of the popular crew can equate to success later in life
  • Long-distance friends: how to have close relationships without physical interaction
  • How to build and cultivate community everywhere you go, especially in modern times
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Online friends ARE real friends, but what’s missing when you’re not in person?
  • The intangible skills we develop as kids when we are sent outside to play (resourcefulness)
  • Consumerism 2.0 – over-stimulation and over-entertainment. What are the costs?
  • The outlets men use to escape – games, pornography, and more
  • Understanding the difference between millennials and baby boomers: where millennials get stuck and overwhelmed
  • What are you escaping from?
  • Why men have a hard time facing adversity and challenge – The Big Fear of Failure
  • Embracing failure so we can get feedback, learn, and grow
  • Shifting our perceptions of failure and what it means
  • Starting small to go big: Playing the long game and taking daily action
  • Celebrating ourselves – Don’t be so hard on yourself!
  • Genuinely being proud of who you are – creating personal integrity

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