In our fast-paced society, many of us move so fast that we miss the opportunity to deeply acknowledge one another. Our modern means of communication has become transactional: we only talk to each other when we WANT something. What if we are missing a simple step that could yield massive results in every area of our lives? Blake Fly shows us how taking the time to express sincere gratitude and appreciation for someone will change their life, your life, and the world.

Topics Covered:

  • Why time is the major difference between a boy and a man
  • How humor can soften the blows of criticism
  • Harsh words and bullying in high school
  • How the quality of friendships is more important than quantity
  • Discovering your identity while surviving your teenage years
  • The ups and downs of being “The Nice Guy”
  • The costs of being indirect when it comes to business and sales
  • Discovering the power of appreciation
  • How to use appreciation to build powerful relationships
  • How to be grateful when you’re just not feeling it
  • Having fun with gratitude games
  • The 3 reasons why we don’t appreciate each other
  • Studying the Five Love languages
  • How to tailor appreciation to the recipient so that it lands more directly
  • Don’t forget to appreciate yourself too!
  • Understanding why we deflect appreciation
  • How gratitude can change the world

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