Social influences and culture have played a large role in removing us from our natural state as men. Lacking motivation. Giving into our impulses. Living an unfulfilled life. These are the challenges of the modern man. Preston Smiles, personal freedom coach and founder of Mancave, shares with us why so many men are disempowered, how to create an epic life, and how to live like a modern king.

Topics Covered:

  • Why it’s important to fill your cup first before taking care of anyone else
  • Recognizing the stories we create about ourselves that are not true
  • Why we should listen to our intuition
  • The baseline truths that unite all of us, despite our differences
  • Why it’s important for parents to encourage children to think for themselves
  • The hearing power of personal freedom and choosing our own way
  • Revealing the genius beneath the surface
  • Why so many men feel isolated and alone right now
  • Different styles of raising children
  • Lessons from early fatherhood
  • The critical role of being a father to a son
  • Would you rather be “right” or happy?
  • Listening to YOUR truth instead of the truth that you’ve been fed

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