Kevin Walton serves as a transformational specialist, community builder, and dynamic leader in the field of self development and men’s work. His challenges co-parenting his son have been fruitful with discoveries about love, respect, and dedication. We explore how to create harmonious partnerships with our exes, the best way to respond to life’s curveballs, and why loving ourselves can be more difficult than extending it outward. Kevin’s approach is grounded, enthusiastic, and passionately forward thinking, making him an incredible guest.

Show Notes:

  • Kevin’s experience with co-parenting
  • Life will hand us un-expected curveballs, how we respond is what counts
  • A man’s mission comes first, before relationships, money, or status, or anything else
  • Any cracks in a relationship will become even more evident after having a child
  • Your child won’t take away from anything in your life, it only deepens your connection
  • If you want to show up strongly for your child, you must show up for YOURSELF
  • The longer we ignore our intuition, the louder the message will show up
  • Stepping back from tumultuous, stressful situations often leads to a return in clarity
  • A mantra to change the energy in a tense relationship – “I’m not your enemy and I’m not against you”
  • Resisting the urge to put someone “in their place”
  • Why compromises are not a good idea in a relationship, and why dedication and cohesion are better.
  • Why having a vision for your life is vital
  • We are all together, though not everyone has the capacity to express or realize that truth

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He has men’s circles in Florida, and there is a Sacred Sons event in Miami, Florida January 2020 3rd-5th

Kevin is launching his 8 week course in December 2019! Learn to live in full expression & show up in the ways you know you could.