RMP 096 - Serve The Earth With Masculine Courage with Daniel Howard

Humanity is currently faced with extensive, wide ranging global issues. Luckily we have men like Daniel Howard on our side, walking the heroes path and co-creating positive change. He works with COUNTRIES to find win-win solutions to address climate change, while also promoting sustainable economic growth. We discuss climate change, and get far beyond the politics. Topics of conversation include finding our personal area of service, solving problems collectively, and harnessing courage to promote healing. 

Show Notes:

  • A quick recap about the state of climate change
  • What can we personally do about climate change?
  • The intersection between your passion and big, worldly problems. 
  • Creating intrinsic motivators are much stronger than “needing to save the earth”
  • Awareness is the gateway to your next step
  • The inter generational connections offer new levels of learning and awareness
  • Why collective problem solving is a superior method of solution creation
  • Defenders of the Sacred – opening space for all the “evil” ones to heal and open
  • Everyone is doing their best, given their model of the world
  • What use does resentment have?
  • Environmental externalities are not factored into our economic system, and that issue plays a huge factor into the problem.
  • Why leading with love matters more than any external solution. 
  • Value is always perceived, it is not fixed


Connect with Daniel:

Website – Quantum Energy Consultants – guides countries on how to minimize economic and environmental costs in their energy systems. 

If you know anyone who could benefit from speaking to Daniel – please connect !