RMP 095 - Life: A NeverEnding Orgasmic Extravaganza with Taylor Johnson

Orgasmic energy is not confined to the bedroom. The way we do anything, is the way we do everything – and sex is no different. Our guest today is Taylor Johnson, a pioneering sex and relationship coach. He educates us on what it takes to have a fully aligned, heart centered threesome, how to heal from sexual shaming, and why sexual safety is crucial. Taylor’s open heart and supercharged insights create a meaningful, unique dialogue. 

Show Notes:

  • Why a boy is fixated on instant gratification
  • How to prolong the pleasure and deepen the connection vs. ejaculating quickly
  • Kevin’s meaningful story dealing with sexual shaming at a young age
  • How to begin a new narrative around childhood wounds and shameful experiences 
  • Why hiding the truth surrounding sex and procreation leads to sexual confusion
  • How our underlying stories around sexuality bleed into the rest of our lives. 
  • Can we fully separate emotions and sex?
  • What is Sexual Leadership?
  • Sexuality doesn’t solely reside in our Penis, it lives in our Being
  • Clarifications around regenerative orgasms, non-ejaculation, and premature ejaculations 


Connect with Taylor:

Instagram – @taylorclarkjohnson

YouTube – Taylor Johnson – Sexual Mastery Coach for Men

Taylor’s Website – www.taylorjohnson.life

His next Orgasmic Mastery Course starts in Late December 2019 or Early 2020!