Kevin Crenshaw is an ace when it comes to smashing toxic patterns and creating precise, intentional practices. As a love coach, he has helped countless individuals reignite their passion and heal their relationships. He shares this exciting wisdom on today’s episode. We cover topics such as why we experience times of low sex drive, how to navigate relationships with compassion, and why we all must face the darkness. Listen In and Rise Up!

Show Notes:

  • Why the boy energy is better off integrated, rather than dismissed
  • How labelling ourselves as an introvert or extrovert can become a mask
  • Why the feminine tests our decision making
  • How exercise and fitness can turn from growth tools to devices of self hatred
  • What the most common factors contributing to a lackluster sex drive
  • Kevin’s book recommendation – “In Sync with the Opposite Sex: Understand the Conflicts. End the Confusion. Make the Right Choices” – Alison Armstrong
  • Why going beyond the boundary of what feels natural is often the key to a harmonious relationship
  • Why self love sounds cliche but is fundamental to forming healthy, long lasting relationships.


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