Owning our shit is a vital part of the journey into manhood. Our guest, Myles Scott, fully acknowledges his past poisonous behavior, and uses it as fuel to be a better man. Myles masterfully shares his insights on how to practically love ourselves, why big messy breakups are a blessing in disguise, and how sexual infatuations can lead us astray. As an author and speaker, Myles has a special way with words and is highly relatable, making this an exceptional episode.

Show Notes:

  • A FuckBoy validates himself at the expense of others (especially women) and does not clearly state his intentions.
  • How self serving behavior leads to diminished relationships. 
  • Is being a FuckBoy a normal part of the journey to manhood?
  • What place does self-love have in men’s work?
  • Why infatuation and lust make for the best blindfolds
  • Your most frustrating, repeating triggers won’t stop until the root issue is addressed.
  • Why we go to war with our partners when we don’t know how to express/receive love
  • Is a big-time breakup a form of initiation into manhood?
  • Do thoughts create reality, or is it the meaning we assign to the thoughts?
  • How to shift our money mindset from scarcity to abundance


Connect With Myles:

Instagram @myleswrites

Stay tuned for his upcoming book “Confessions Of A Former Fuckboy”

He is launching a self care club that rewards you for staying committed to your practice and connects you with like minded community.