“Press forward. Do not stop, do not linger in your journey, but strive for the mark set before you.” – George Whitefield. 

There will be highs, lows, and everything between on this adventure. Our guest today, Lino Hola, reminds us to treat ourselves with compassion on this epic journey we call life. Going to the dark places is a part of the masculine journey, so don’t despair, as nothing lasts forever. We also talk about the differences between deciding & reacting, the importance of family & culture, and how to lean into the uncomfortable parts of being a man. 

Show Notes:

  • There is no shame around not feeling like a man, no matter our age
  • Am I repeating the same, stale patterns over and over again? 
  • There is always room for growth when it comes to better serving those around us.
  • Is hitting rock bottom part of every man’s journey?
  • The difference between Deciding & Reacting
  • How do you determine who you are romantic with? Is physical attraction enough?
  • Why simply going to work every day is not enough to call yourself a fully embodied man
  • There are many ways to connect to indigenous culture – you don’t need to be born into it
  • Cultures are meant to be shared and are vehicles of communication and consciousness


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