“How can I make my actions more congruent with pure service?”

As the desecration of Mother Earth continues, what can well-intentioned men do? Why is humanity at large acting this way? Understanding WHY is huge, as it stems from our relationship with and balance of masculine and feminine energies. We address these questions in this heavy hitting conversation with Chief Phillip Scott, who leads pilgrimages, conducts ceremonies, teaches healing courses, and runs a private healing practice. His Indigenous perspective offers hope and understanding in these overwhelming times. We also cover why the colonial model is failing humanity, how sacraments differ from psychedelics, and why Tortoise medicine is needed even in these urgent times.


    • [04:29] Is the Earth suffering from inflammation? What’s the greater spiritual significance of this?
    • [08:48] What are the impacts from these recent overwhelming world events?
    • [12:49] Are we living in an outdated model of colonialism?
    • [20:48] Why traditional rites of passage ceremonies are service-oriented.
    • [25:15] The difference between psychedelics and sacraments.
    • [31:59] Why Turtle medicine is a major teacher when it comes to learning the ancient indigenous medicine ways. 
    • [34:55] “Cultivate patience before you come a patient” – Chief Phillip Scott
    • [38:20] How to act urgently without losing our senses.
    • [43:11] Why showing up with humility, reverence, and respect opens the way for higher teachings to show up.
    • [46:20] How convenience is killing us and the planet.


    Connect with Chief Phillip Scott:

    Website || ancestralvoice.org – Welcomes sincere committed students and clients

    Facebook || Ancestral Voice, Institute of Indigenous Lifeways

    Reach Out || phillip@ancestralvoice.org – Most effective way to reach him is by cell – # (415) 310-0981 – Call or text for info on ceremonies, pilgrimages, and rites of passages

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