“Put your worth in your own hands!”

Consciously Choose Risk and Thrive Financially with Oto Gomes

Oto Gomes was quick to recognize the power of CRYPTO to transform humanity’s financial paradigm. He now shares from his wealth of knowledge to empower others into financial freedom through coaching, speaking, and leading courses. Along his journey, crypto and Web3 technology have been major teachers, showing him the strength of calculated risk-taking, the true meaning of abundance, and the secrets to riding the emotional waves of investing. We address the FOUNDATIONAL aspects of scarcity mindset, including why it’s based in generational trauma, how to move forward into abundance, and why inner self-worth matters!


    • [04:42] Why an embodied man sources validation from inside.
    • [09:11] How growing up in a scarcity minded environment impacted Oto’s sense of self worth.
    • [15:25] Finding a realistic, grounded definition of abundance.
    • [19:34] How does our relationship with RISK dictate our level of abundance?
    • [25:39] Is spending money inherently risky?
    • [30:11] Finding the difference between riskiness and recklessness.
    • [33:15] What is the difference between centralized and decentralized systems?
    • [38:46] How can we return to true sovereign self-governance?
    • [42:58] Are global level Web3 launches the most effective strategy?
    • [45:32] What is toroidilism and how does it relate to crypto?
    • [48:41] What is a DAO and how can it be used to benefit humanity?


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