Are your emotions commanding you or are you intentionally directing them?

Are your emotions commanding you or are you intentionally directing them? Breathwork facilitator, plant medicine guide, and sovereignty champion Andrew Genovese joins us to discuss emotional mastery and the New Earth! Unconscious patterns are coming to the surface as the frequency rises – Andrew shares how to go with the growth flow and trust our inner authority. We cover why men NEED to know the depths of their sadness and anger in order to command their power, plus explore whether VIOLENCE has a place in the new paradigm. Listen in and take command of your masculine brilliance!


      • [03:25] Have the last couple years of chaos brought people closer together?
      • [12:12] How can men take responsibility for healing the feminine?
      • [17:40] Does violence have a role in the emerging new Earth?
      • [23:50] Why our brains can’t comprehend or understand the vast beauty of beingness. 
      • [26:01] Are you aware of your capacity for extreme sadness and anger? 
      • [32:10] How revisiting our traumatic moments in a safe container can lead to healing.
      • [39:30] Why we need to stop outsourcing our authority.
      • [42:15] Is our consciousness affecting the entire planet?
      • [46:20] Why purging and purification are parts of the transformational journey.


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