“If you don’t have a sense of humor – you’re dead in the water!”

There’s always someone watching and being impacted by how we are showing up as men. As host of The Dad Edge Podcast and the father of 4 boys, today’s guest Larry Hagner has epic wisdom to share around creating legendary marriages, developing the people around us, and becoming a family leader.

Larry offers sound counsel for raising the next generation of men – whether that’s as a father, uncle, mentor, or stand up community member. Listen in and learn how to sit in the fire of your own emotions, why our story around our fathers matters, and how society shapes the modern masculine identity.


​[3:01] What does it mean to be a dangerously good man? 

[10:01] Set an example & be the change you want to see in the world

[19:31] Getting abandoned again by father and the story Larry told himself about it

[29:45] Purpose beyond your family being in your purpose with your family.

[36:05] How to connect from the heart and find conversational excellence.

[40:08] The 3 needs that men and women need to fulfill.


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