“I’m going to do EVERYTHING for the man next to me because he is pushing himself PAST HIS LIMIT”

Joe Hawley underwent a massive transformational journey after retiring from the NFL. Thanks to a Rites of Passage journey and learning from Indigenous cultures, Joe found meaning and purpose BEYOND THE GAME. He now serves high impact leaders and former athletes in creating positive change via his Hart Collective community, podcast, and more. 

Athletes are role models – how can they maximize this golden opportunity? Did Aaron Rodgers’ openness about his spiritual path precipitate an awakening? Joe and Jeddy drop in on how masculine locker room culture operates, how spirit communicates with humanity, and what separates GREAT leaders from the average.


[04:50] Why being a man isn’t about your identity but rather the frequency and presence you hold.

[08:45] How Rites of Passage and Death intersect + how deeper understanding of these events benefits society.

[13:34] What playing in the NFL taught Joe about brotherhood, pushing limits, and teamwork.

[18:49] Why Joe is focused on helping high performing leaders + former athletes.

[22:45] How Aaron Rodgers helped millions understand the potency of plant medicines and intentional retreats.

[28:21] What can we do to promote and model health for ourselves and future generations?

[32:02] Why Joe believes in humanity’s ability to completely change our relationship with one another and the planet. 

[38:11] How getting deeper into the structure of food systems has impacted Joe’s perspective on abundance.

[44:57] How Spirit communicates through the nervous system and how to trust those insights.

[50:01] Why great leaders respect and listen to their mens’ needs.


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