As boys, we learned that our power was dangerous. As men, we live in a world that continues to tell us that we are the threat. That WE cannot be trusted.  Over 100 men every day are lost to suicide. Each year, 25% of Americans over the age of 18 suffer from depression. Nearly 1 in 10 males over the age of 12 has a substance use disorder.

How did this happen? For far too long, boys have been told to hide their emotions. “Don’t be a pussy!” “Man up!” “Stop crying like a little girl!” Shamed for having normal human emotions. Our young men have been taught that natural expressions of emotion – whether they be anger, joy, fear, sadness, grief, ecstasy – are unsafe, unacceptable, and do not belong in our communities.

In reality, the world IS challenging. Being a man…being a HUMAN is not easy. Yet, our young men are led to believe they are failures because they stumble into adulthood. Unsure of where to go, how to pave their way in the world, how to make an impact in their communities. Lost, without direction, and hearing the same messages over and over that suggest they “should know better”, our young men withdraw and hide. Unable to handle the pain of exposure as a “failure” or a “fraud”.

So we end up with ticking time bombs in the form of high school students, fathers of families of 5, middle-aged men suffering an identity crisis who one day can no longer keep the lid on their emotions…and then become a headline. A statistic. One of those “I-never-saw-this-coming” stories or “he-was-the-nicest-guy-in-the-world” comments.

Call of the Warrior is YOUR opportunity to reveal your pain in the safe and trusted company of men – YOUR BROTHERS – who can relate to your experience and REALLY see you for the man you are. Shed the pain and trauma from your past and transform it into creative and expressive energy that allows you to be a bold, confident, purpose-driven man of power and purpose.

“Every man has his secret sorrows,

which the world knows not;

And, often times we call a man cold

when he is only sad”

 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


So, you’re just like the rest of us: tired of the “same old problems”, resurfacing over and over again. Tired of being a doormat in your life, in your relationships. Tired of playing small ball and hesitating instead of taking risks. You’re ready to cash in the comfortable life of mediocrity for a fulfilling life of purpose and service…but you don’t know how.

Sure, you can continue with the way things have always been…but is THAT the life you imagined for yourself? Are you willing to let your fear of change and challenge get in the way of you and your destiny?

Society expects you to be a mild-mannered, emotionally-repressed “Good Guy”. They’ve trained us to fall into line and do what we’re told. There’s a MASSIVE difference between a “Yes-Man” and a Warrior.

A Warrior is decisive. Expresses his values and desires clearly and with confidence. He faces his fears and uses that nervous energy to elevate his performance. A Warrior stands for what he believes in, with honor and integrity, creating a sense of safety and trust with the people he surrounds himself with.

The choice is yours…”Good Boy” or Warrior?


If you’re living and walking the planet right now, at some point you had warriors in your bloodline. Men who fought for their families and succeeded in keeping them safe to pass along your ancestral DNA. Think about that for a second…the spirit of the WARRIOR is in your blood!

All you need to do is AWAKEN it!

Different warrior traditions had their own customs and practices. Ways of training, ways of being that allowed them to be fierce protectors and providers when the time called for it. 

One particular Warrior tradition comes from New Zealand, or “Aotearoa” in Maori. The Maori were well known for their bravery and courageous warrior culture. Everything from their weaponry, combat tactics, and intimidation strategies defined a long-line of warriors and men of honor.

The “Haka” (“Ha-” meaning “Breath, and “-Ka” meaning “Fire””) was a traditional war dance of the Maori people used to intimidate enemy tribes before battle and raise the warriors “mana”, or spiritual life force energy. 

Our Maori brothers, Leon Ruri and Jamie Schuster, bring their culture and experience with the Haka to Call of the Warrior, so that men of all backgrounds, creeds, and traditions can Haka in unison and raise our “mana” together!



  • One day event for Men
  • Creating a Confidential Space for Deep Shares
  • Exercises and Activities to Build Confidence & Camaraderie
  • Learning and Performing the Haka
  • Building Bonds with Brothers of all Backgrounds







– Rise above your past and leverage your pain into power

– Access a higher level of confidence that will serve you in every area of your life

– Take back the power and authority you’ve been giving away in your work and relationships

– Build lasting bonds with men who understand you

– Acquire tools to help you express your emotions in a healthy, constructive way

– Be an example for future generations of men

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We will not let this be the legacy we leave our sons, our nephews. We will show them that all men experience emotions. We will show them how strong, confident, healthy men express themselves. We will give them tools and practices to process and release emotion in a healthy way…so that we don’t have to use gut-wrenching statistics to get the public’s attention. We gather, Warriors of the modern era. Standing in unison against male suicide and depression. Standing FOR healthy male expression and the liberation of responsible masculine power. 

Do this for you. Do this for your sons. Do this for your nephews. Do this for the men who will come after you.