“How can you expect others to be there for you if you don’t tell them what you need?”

A lack of assertiveness among men has led to a gluttony of unexpressed men. Today’s guest Quentin “Q” Williams shares the forgotten communication skills needed for whole-hearted, steadfast, and satisfying relationships. As a men’s coach specializing in serving current and retired athletes, Q frequently sees this twisted dynamic, where men put off their own mental and emotional health to help the collective. Jeddy and Q break down this dilemma, and expand on how men can serve with clear boundaries, why hyper-masculinity isn’t sustainable, and how healthy competition is essential to masculine growth. 


    • [04:02] Why a full range of polarity is part of manhood. 
    • [10:27] How assertiveness allows for proper communication of our needs and desires.
    • [14:01] Why it’s tough for athletes to put their own mental health FIRST, before the team.
    • [18:38] Is watching sports a waste of time or an opportunity for connection?
    • [21:20] Are there benefits to non-lethal competition?
    • [27:40] What does the hyper-masculine approach miss when it comes to emotions and mental health?
    • [31:40] Can you describe yourself beyond the work you do?
    • [36:25] Does focusing too deeply on your preferred outcome actually hamper your efforts?
    • [40:45] Why getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on the value we bring is key to a joyous life of service.


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