“Imagine if you could experience the internal experience of fulfillment and success while doing NOTHING surrounded by nature”

Host Shawn Berry guides us through the intricacies of how our intellectual mind works and relates to our natural environment. In real time Shawn takes us through the process of entering a meditative state – a fascinating and highly useful practice. He shares how to draw focus between the balance of the intellect and “the voice behind the voice” to quiet the mind. Join Shawn in this meditative walk and let your body resonate with the peace and beauty all around you!


[04:50] What childhood can teach us about mindfulness.

[12:55] How you can achieve a meditative state in nature. 

[20:15] How your senses play an intricate role in your view of the world.

[26:03] What is the design and intention of life?

[31:45] Being in your body and present in nature vs intellectually being in nature.

[37:25] What Indigenous lifestyle required 3-4 hours a day to maintain a high quality of life.

[41:32] Why your picture of success defines your life.


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