“The more you practice owning your sh*t, the more you have respect for yourself.” 

Brian Chaplin, founder of the Medicine Box wellness brand, is dedicated to teaching others about sobriety, entrepreneurism, and meditation. His empowering, simple message offers men stuck in their own way a path to recovery. We discuss how to get stronger from failure, why we need to bring discourse back to society, and how to assert your inner sovereignty. 



  • Why do names have so much power?
  • How did Brian recover from addiction?
  • Why should we pray for someone else’s’ happiness and wellness?
  • How can we start becoming more internally accountable?
  • What are the most helpful questions to ask yourself after a failure?
  • Why transformations don’t happen overnight.
  • What is the definition of sovereignty? 
  • Why not taking a vaccine does not make you anti-vax.
  • How can we bring the art of discourse back to society?
  • Can we balance equality with freedom?
  • What is the most important value to have as a man?

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