What is Ayurveda and how can it transform your life? As a humble student to this ancient medicinal system, our guest Dylan Smith answers these questions and shares practical tips that you can start using TODAY. His expertise contains wisdom that can boost vitality, including the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. We also cover the implications of hormonal imbalance, the advantages of a grounded nervous system, and 5 unique actions to take for optimal health. 


Show Notes:

  • Why a balanced man knows both the feminine and masculine essences within himself.
  • How to balance the importance of sexual biology with the cultural aspects of gender.
  • What are the implications of hormonal imbalance?
  • Why are ungrounded nervous systems so common amongst men?
  • Why Ayurveda can help you live in tune with nature.
  • How to balance your melatonin, dopamine, and serotonin levels.
  • Why men need the logic behind a system before leaving their comfort zones.
  • “Stop, and take time to establish yourself in being before acting on an executive decision” – Dylan Smith.
  • You won’t find or think your way to your calling, it will come.
  • Why life should feel friction-less and in flow.
  • Where does testosterone fit into Ayurvedic medicine?
  • Dylan’s 5 simple steps for better health.
  • The underlying philosophy behind Ayurvedic eating.
  • Why you should avoid suppression of bodily urges. 
  • How men can assist women while they are on their moon.


Connect with Dylan Smith:

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