How can we make dreams more lifelike and life more dreamlike? Matt Cochran explores this question and teaches us the ineffable and mysterious power of dreamtime. Besides earning an MA in Depth Psychology, Matt is a lifelong student of ancient religions, rites of passage, and geology, making for a highly valuable and unique type of wisdom. We cover how to take your incredible imagination and use it as a generative force, why there’s no such thing as “just a dream”, and how a mythic identity can serve men.


Show Notes:

  • Does every man need to be initiated?
  • Are dreamers unfairly painted as being unproductive?
  • How dreams can be an initiatory process
  • Why there’s no such thing as “just a dream”
  • Do we have dreams or do dreams have us?
  • How sleep deprivation can be used intentionally to invite the merging of the dream world with the waking world. 
  • How dreams can bring the depths of our souls towards the more conscious aspects of our brains
  • Why there is nothing random about dreaming
  • The value of a men’s team to point out our blind spots
  • How dreams can be in service of the collective, as well as just for the individual
  • Why do we have repetitive dreams?
  • Why dreams give men a sense of mythic identity
  • What does the world need most from men?

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