Without intentional practices to address inner stress and pain, we will use distractions to numb out discomfort. Our guest, Jake Yoder, has overcome deeply embedded addictive patterns and now leads men in reconnecting with their purpose using outdoor adventure. By utilizing nature, movement, and self inquiry, Jake has developed a method for conquering addiction and breaking free of isolation. We also talk about how emotional suppression backfires, why adversity is a gift, and how to forge healthier habits.


Show Notes:

  • What are the benefits to outdoor adventures?
  • Why we can’t know our capabilities without facing adversity
  • How the lack of a cultural framework for fatherhood affects childrens’ development 
  • Tips on overcoming addiction, especially when we have a long history dating back to childhood
  • Substances can actually lessen our pain, but at what cost? Can it be effective long-term?
  • How shoving down our emotions eventually leads to explosions
  • The power of simply being present with someone deeply depressed
  • Why we fear sharing heavy emotions
  • Addicts often hang together, as normalizes the behavior
  • Addiction is no joke – take action before it gets worse!
  • Do we need to hit rock bottom before changing our ways?
  • How we can use VISION to foresee what rock bottom will be like
  • “I couldn’t make the difference I wanted to make in the world, if I was to continue to use pot and other drugs, and continue the behaviors that I was doing” – Jake
  • What if your social life or nervous system is dependent on drugs?
  • How social media, working out, and working can all be addictive or healthy depending on how they are used.
  • What is a recreational calling? And how is it different than a professional calling?
  • How to replace your destructive coping mechanisms with healthy alternatives
  • Why the sights and smells of wilderness are extremely powerful healing tools
  • The addict’s mind craves stimulation, and we can use that desire to our advantage when planning a new lifestyle


Connect with Jake Yoder:


Instagram | @naturalhighsrecovery


Website | naturalhighsrecovery.org – for coaching and in person programming (camping, hiking, climbing) 


Facebook Group | Natural Highs Community – for sober or sober-curious people to connect