Kevin Wilkinson assists men in intentionally designing the life of their DREAMS. As you’ll learn in this episode, getting crystal clear on how to use both masculine and feminine energies cohesively is vital to this process. Kevin shares his tried and true practices for living a full, abundant, and expressed life. We also talk about how a man handles a crisis, why many men lack purpose, and how your biggest failures will fuel later success.


Show Notes:

  • Why a man’s failures will fuel later successes
  • How does a man handle a crisis?
  • Why men numb themselves, and examples of healthier ways to deal 
  • How one man can share vulnerably and inspire honesty in others
  • Can men be too emotional?
  • Why safety must be established before sharing deeply
  • How to use feminine energies to create and masculine energies to erect structure
  • How accountability groups can be hugely transformational
  • Why do so many men experience a lack of purpose?
  • Why emotional intelligence and regulation should be more highly prioritized in education
  • How to utilize YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCES to create a life you desire
  • How to reprogram our relationship with crisis
  • Allow your biggest letdown to become your greatest victory

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