“Your needs must be met BEFORE you can be of SERVICE”

Mark Nara has masterfully woven his tattoo artistry skills with indigenous storytelling principles. This combination has potent power in remodeling non serving stories and aiding with authentic self expression. In this episode we talk about integrating and designing tattoos, navigating fears and worries about your appearance, and the healing potential of tattoo and body art. 


Show Notes:

  • What role does tattoo and body art play in masculinity and self imaging?
  • Your needs must be met BEFORE you can be of service
  • Why every marking on your skin contains information
  • Can tattoos be a healing practice?
  • Perspective and history into indigenous and ancient practices surrounding tattoos
  • How Polynesian cultures use tattoos as navigational aids to their lives
  • What does it mean to integrate a tattoo?
  • How to walk the line between confidant expression and vain flaunting
  • How to navigate the fears about how others will perceive your tattoos
  • Why covering up and transforming existing tattoos can be powerful shifts
  • How to reconcile with old tattoos that don’t reflect our current circumstances

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