“Doesn’t matter what background you have – there is evidence of rites passage WORLDWIDE”

Ceremonial & Community Leader, Practitioner of Indigenous Medicine, Educator, Corporate Consultant, Wilderness Survivalist, Instructor in Meditation, T’ai Chi Chuan, Native Flute, Drum & Didgeridoo, and Bodyworker… today’s guest Philip Scott is the embodiment of MASCULINE SERVICE.

Of mixed ancestry and thrice struck by Lightning, Phillip Scott has faithfully walked the Native Path for forty years learning from Indigenous Medicine people, tribal Spiritual leaders, and Wisdomkeepers from several Nations and cultures. Annually Sundancing in the Lakota tradition for over three decades and a member of respected NAC families, he is a Ceremonial leader and Traditional healer. In this episode, Chief draws from his deep wealth of knowledge and delivers beautiful, meaningful insights sure to lift your spirits high!


[4:06] Chief Phillip’s background and the 5 rites of passages typical in human development.

[9:07] What marriage and becoming an elder means to Chief Phillip.

[13:08] How rites of passage can prevent humanity from losing our youth to drugs, violence, and self-harm. 

[18:03] The beauty of Indigenous cultures in shaping how one sees the world through their ancestors, the earth, and their source. 

[23:05] The difference of rites of passage between genders.

[27:19] How working with Australian Aborigines changed Chief’s life forever. 

[31:05] The role of elders in the rites of passage process. 

[34:12] How can we reintroduce rites of passage for the future generations?

[39:45] It’s never too late to access the ancestral library of wisdom through rites of passage.

[43:48] What kind of impact can you make in a lifetime and Chief Phillip’s legacy.

[48:08] What fuels Jeddy Azuma to be the father, provider, and husband he is. 

[53:08] Embracing the awakened warrior and Chief Phillip’s current website and projects 


Connect with Chief Phillip Scott:

Website  || Ancestralvoice.org – Welcomes sincere committed students and clients

Facebook || Ancestral Voice, Institute of Indigenous Lifeways

Reach Out || phillip@ancestralvoice.org – Most effective way to reach him is by cell – # (415) 310-0981 – Call or text for info on ceremonies, pilgrimages, and rites of passages

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