In a time where everything feels out of our control, reminding ourselves of all the areas where we hold power is paramount to being an upstanding Man. Our attitude towards inconveniences amid these shifting circumstances is firmly in our hands. Even if we falter, let’s have the courage to snap back to our heart-centered, empowered nature. May this episode catalyze you into seeing the world happening for you, not to you.

Show Notes:

  • There is a lot out of our control, so let’s focus on what we can control
  • Fear of the unknown is natural, allow it to arise
  • This event is a giant reminder to be grateful for all the modern conveniences. 
  • There are lessons and reflections everywhere in this crisis, just look without attachment
  • The only thing we can control is our responsiveness and attitude
  • Use this as a wake up call, and take a hard look at all the systemic weaknesses that have been exposed.