Do you know why
most men FAIL

to live up to their

It’s simple.
Growing up, most of us are
never taught how to decide what we want, develop a strategy to achieve it, and then hold ourselves accountable.


There are millions of men out there wandering aimlessly,
feeling depressed, isolated, and alone because they don’t
know how to claim what they want and take action on it. 

In fact, most men spend their lives “talking” about what
they want, then wondering why it hasn’t materialized?

Is that you?

The truth is, most men

  1. Never get around to deciding what it is they really want in life.
  2. Never create a thorough and effective strategy to achieve their goals.
  3. Don’t know how to make commitments they actually intend to fulfill.
  4. Keep believing that they’re not (fill-in-the-blank) enough to pursue their dreams.

After 10 years of facilitating men’s circles in numerous arenas,
I’ve witnessed THOUSANDS of men speak about what they want…
and then complain about how they keep coming up short.
I’ve seen amazing, heart-centered, service-oriented men
COMPLETELY STUCK, living a life that looks
nothing like what they say they want.

I USED to be that guy.
I USED to have a job that wasn’t fulfilling.
Relationships that were painful and ego-driven.
Addictions and vices that sucked the life and willpower from my bones.

The MYTH we’ve been led to believe
about manhood and masculinity

is that we “CAN” and “SHOULD” be able to overcome our greatest challenges and limitations completely on our own. Stories of the “Lone Ranger”, the “Self-Made Man”, and the “Super-hero”have led us all to believe that men don’t need each other.

We’re supposed to know how to: 

  1. Identify our weaknesses and turn them into strengths
  2. Sustain a long-term committed relationship
  3. Make commitments and honor them
  4. Provide for ourselves and our family
  5. Defend our values and beliefs

The TRUTH is that the lone wolf – isolated from the pack, without
brothers to hold him accountable and feed his purpose for life,
withers away into depression and death.

The good news is, becoming the man you’ve always
wanted to be is an inevitability if you can acquire and
develop the skills that every man needs.


We’ve led HUNDREDS of men towards a life of fulfillment, power, and purpose.
Men who, at the beginning, couldn’t muster the confidence to speak their truth no less take action towards the life they wanted. The men who have sat in our circles have had incredible shifts in their lives, including:

  • Finding an amazing, romantic partner and committing to the relationship
  • Starting a business and seeing greater than 5X increases in their monthly profit margins
  • Overcoming addictions and patterns of depression
  • Clearing massive amounts of debt

Over the past 10 years, we’ve sampled the most powerful tools for creating a life of power and purpose and arranged them into 4 Pillars:





By Establishing and OWNING
Your 4 Pillars, you will:

Become immune to judgements from partners, family, and friends

Back up your words with powerful, committed action

Approach your partner with confidence to sustain a fulfilling, long-term relationship

Pay all your bills and have money left over to build the life you want

Receive feedback and make adjustments to become the best man you can be




With our tried and true methods and team of committed trainers, the men who pass through the Inferno develop the skills and strategies that allow you to lead your life with
confidence, power, and integrity.


“You already KNOW that you’re full of potential. You KNOW you’ve got more to give AND receive from life.

It’s time to ignite that flame within!”

Zach Inferno

The support, the guidance, the accountability, the integrity, the power of this group of men has held me to a standard I’ve never been able to hold myself to. It’s provided me structure, accountability, and a vision for myself that I could live into – not just by talking or thinking about it, but by taking action.

Ryan Inferno

The inferno is exactly what it sounds like. The level of commitment and integrity uphold for myself, and the level of commitment from my bros has been so inspirational and helpful for me and my discovery of what it means to be a man.

Conor Inferno

It’s amazing to have a team of guys that will listen to you, support you, and challenge you in the way you’re looking to be challenged. I’m already signed up to do another season in the inferno.



You know what you want and where you want to go in your life, but have no clue how to get there

You’ve gotten tripped up and stunted in pursuing your life’s purpose more times than you can count…and you’re TIRED OF IT!

You desperately want to be of service to the world AND take care of your own needs entirely, but you haven’t solved that riddle yet

You make commitments all the time, but rarely follow through on them

Every time you get excited about a new possibility in your life, you psyche yourself out with limiting beliefs and fears before you even get started

You want to be a leader, but you don’t see yourself as one… and you don’t know where to begin

You’ve been lone-wolfing it for so long that you don’t know how to trust other men to hold you accountable WITHOUT judging you for your short-comings

You’ve spent most of your life trying to do things “right” and aiming for “perfection”, which is driving you NUTS!

You’ve put so much emphasis on “looking good” to other people – physically, financially, and in relationship – that you never take risks and constantly play small ball

AFTER 12 weeks in the INFERNO, you will have the confidence AND the strategy to begin taking risks and chipping away at your life mission, you will strengthen the power of your commitment and your word will build trust with others and within yourself, AND you will have a new circle of men… BROTHERS who will hold you accountable as you charge forward in your life!

Understanding the 4 Pillars of INFERNO

  1. Vision

Without a clear vision for where we are going in life and what we are creating, we might as well be on a remote island or in the middle of a desert. The mistake that most men make is they start MOVING before they are clear on where they are going. OR, they begin exploring their vision, identifying some HUGE goal and stumbling every time they begin to move towards it.

What we do at the beginning of Inferno is help you establish a vision (regardless of the size or scope) that matters to you. We believe that every man has a unique vision living inside of him, and our unique process will help you identify and unlock what’s been in you all along!

We help you clarify and refine your vision with feedback and inspection and THEN develop a strategy to help you make massive strides towards it in 3 months.

  1. Values

Most of us have certain values and virtues that we live our lives by. Most of us also fail to establish our territory and defend our non-negotiables in the face of challenges. Whether it’s our romantic partner, family members, employers, or society at large, if you sell-out the things that make you who you are, you will never feel fulfilled

We help you identify what values are ESSENTIAL to you, that DEFINE YOU, and prepare you to defend them to the death against any challenge you may face, so that you never have to feel resentful or small ever again. Only then can you live a life of freedom, as only a man with strong values can.

  1. Commitments 

The statement “Men are afraid of commitment” is BS! Commitment is what we do best! Problem is, commitment is NOT an innate skill we are born with. Giving our word and OWNING our word is a life-long practice. 

In INFERNO, we hold each other 100% accountable to our commitments for the sake of making our word as good as gold. We’re not afraid to challenge you and hold you to your edge. We will NOT sell you out!

When your word becomes bond, you become trustworthy and exponentially more valuable to the people and the world around you.

  1. Accountability

None of this works without accountability. We can talk all day about what we WANT to do, but if we don’t hold ourselves and each other to what we SAY, then we are wasting everyone’s time.

We practice an impeccable level of accountability that is so solid it’s annoying at times. The result, however, is a circle of men who hold each other to the highest standard. After Inferno, you will re-enter the world as a member of the 1% of society who can make commitments, honor them, and hold others to their word as well.

Chat with us about Inferno


Jeddy Azuma

Inferno Lead Coach

As a Rites of Passage Guide, Mentor, and Leadership Coach, Jeddy has impacted the lives of hundreds of men on his mission to initiate an entire generation of men into power and purpose-driven service to the world. He is a Founding Father of Conscious Man Brotherhood and a lead coach in Man Cave, Unleash the Beast, and King’s Court. 

“I always knew I wanted to make a major impact on the world, I just had NO idea how to do that in my 20’s. After numbing myself with substances and fear-based behaviors for years, I finally found a path in men’s work and rites of passage that fed my soul. And, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would give this medicine back to the men around me. NOW, I’m clear that the gift I have for my people is to prepare the next generation of men to lead their families, communities, and themselves powerfully and confidently into uncertain times.”


Phil Gomez

Inferno Lead Coach

A Rites of Passage Guide and devout walker of the Native American path and traditions, Phil has been in the field of Men’s work and transformational leadership for the past 8 years. From leading men’s teams, to walking the red road as a Sundancer and serving as a assistant to Native American Church ceremonies for over 6 years, Phil has committed his life to being in service to the practices, rituals and ceremonies that have been the catalyst for a 180 degree turn in his life.

From intimate conversations, to bluntly calling a man forward into his power, to guiding groups of men on nature fasts, Phil lives by the motto his grandfather still recites: Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can (John Wesley). For Phil, it is all for the sake of guiding others to become stronger leaders in order to create a better world for the next 7 generations.


We’ve got your back and we know how to
support you because we’ve been there too.

Now, it’s time for YOU to lean in and
start living the life you came for!



Weekly Training Calls

For 12 weeks, we go deep into develop leadership skills that span every domain of life, clarifying your vision and commitments, and ensuring that our actions back up our words. There’s nowhere to hide in a circle of men, and there’s no reason to either. We hold you to the highest standard, without judgment, because we see the ability in you that you cannot see for yourself. 


High Level Accountability

The easiest person to lie to is yourself. That’s why we believe in surrounding ourselves with men playing at or above the level we are. We only accept the men who are ready to play at the highest level possible, and we will hold you to this standard for the entire 12 weeks.

Private Messaging from your Team

Breakdowns don’t wait for the right time. That’s why our trainers and the other men on your Inferno team commit to 24/7 support within our private messenger groups. You’ve got a challenge you can’t find your way out of? You’re not alone…ever. We got you!


Direct Feedback

We’re not afraid to tell you what EVERYONE else in your life is seeing and isn’t telling you. Through our interview process and “holding up the mirror”, we empower you to make your own discoveries, thereby preparing you to be the solution to your problems. 


Strategy Sessions with Trainers

Our time-tested strategy tools will help you create a blueprint for whatever vision and personal pursuit you take on during Inferno. As you walk through the step-by-step process to create your plan, our trainers will work with you every step of the way until your plan is bulletproof, locked, loaded, and ready to go.


Opportunities to Develop your Leadership

This is not like school where you show up and the teacher does all the work. The only way to become a stronger leader is to practice leading. Our trainers will put you in position to lead and facilitate parts of our weekly meetings so that you get real, hands-on experience to expand your leadership abilities.


Clear Vision and Confidence to Pursue Your Mission

The killer combo that EVERY MAN needs in his live. Clarity + Confidence = RESULTS. With both of these tanks full, the only outcome is success. Get ready to power up over the next 12 weeks in a way you never have before!



We will hold you to the highest standard of performance

Because we KNOW you can raise the bar under the right conditions.
Most guys are living unfulfilling, ordinary lives because there is no one around
them challenging them to be great. We won’t settle for less than your best.
You will fail along the way, but we will NOT let you quit!

We commit to training you to hold yourself accountable,
to lean way past your edges of comfort, and to take risks in
service to what you care about most.



Do I have to be present on every call?

We request that you commit to being on time and present for every weekly call throughout the entire 12 weeks. And, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances come up. We’re here to support you receiving a full and value-rich experience while in Inferno. We plan out the entire 12 weeks calls at the beginning, so you will know when calls will be far in advance. Should a scheduling conflict arise unexpectedly, our leadership team will work with you to find the best solution and to keep you close to the pulse of the team.

How is the program run?

Inferno is run entirely online. So, if you have access to the internet, you are good to go! We use Zoom video conferencing and the Marco Polo messaging app for all of our communication.

Can't I just read a book about leadership?

There are many amazing resources for leadership concepts and philosophy, but there is NO replacement for actually getting in the arena. In our experience, leadership is forged in the fires of successes and failures. You may become a better leader by reading books, listening to podcasts, and modeling what you see others doing. BUT, you will not become the best leader you can until you get off the sidelines and in the game.

How is Inferno different from other group tranings programs?

Many online training programs have a format where a trainer/facilitator does most of the work presenting ideas and giving assignments. In Inferno, we jump into the fire with you. No man is exempt from doing his work in this space, not even the trainers. We also leverage the strength of masculinity to create elite-level accountability, strengthen commitments, and raise the collective standard of performance. Plainly stated: there is no online training program for men like Inferno that we’ve found so far.

What is the weekly time commitment?

We will have a 90-minute weekly call in addition to regular messaging in our Marco Polo thread. Typically, you can be caught up on the group messages with 15-20 mins. of listening time daily. Also, there will be challenges, projects, and work to be done in between meetings that will range from 1-3 hours of additional Inferno-related time per week. You get out of Inferno what you put into it, so the more time you invest the more you will receive.

I haven't done any men's work yet, can I still enroll in Inferno?

Absolutely! Inferno is a high-performing men’s circle, so if this is your first journey into this type of space, you may have more adjusting to do than other men who are more seasoned. However, we design the space to meet each man where he is at on his journey. Being a beginner does not prohibit you from joining… In fact, it may strengthen your experience!

I don't like being on technology more than I have to, is this a problem?

While our tech-required time is minimal, some men report having an aversion to being on technology daily. We get it. We don’t like to be on more than we have to. If you’ve made it this far and are reading the information on this page, you should be fine 😉


If you’re ready to dial up your confidence and power to never before seen levels…

If you’re prepared to clarify your vision and take massive strides forward in your life…

If you’re ready to be challenged and battle-tested so that you can lead powerfully in all areas…

Then LET’S GO!

Hit that button and jump into THE INFERNO!

Book a call with us to learn more about inferno