We live in an age of quick fixes and hacks, designed to help us get to our desired place in life quickly and easily. Unfortunately, these shortcuts are nothing more than empty promises. There is no substitute for time and experience when going for our win. The quick-fix approach is seeking an escape, while the mastery approach takes it one step at a time, with full presence.   Be in your process, the unique twists and turns will teach you in ways that no course or coach could ever provide.

Show Notes:

  • There are NO easy roads to greatness
  • Failures become the foundation of a major breakthrough for me.
  • We all want bigger/better results FASTER
  • Shortcuts leave you short-changed, unprepared, and ill-equipped to handle what’s coming.
  • Real masters of anything know that there is NO mastery, and the only way to get better is to keep walking the path
  • Teach and give from the branches we’ve already grown, instead of the ones we covet from other trees
  • There is NOWHERE to get to. NOWHERE to arrive to that is more important than being present.
  • Greatness is a simple formula = Consistent Effort multiplied by Time

Reflection Questions:

  • What is it that YOU’VE been expecting to just happen, to come easily?
  • Effort and consistency are the only things in your control, so, what will you do with it?