Just man up. Stop being a pussy. These are the types of messages we have been taught from a young age. This results in suppression, which hides trauma from the surface, but never clears it. The trauma ends up running our lives, until we engage and lean into the healing process. The key here is that trauma is stored IN THE BODY. It’s not going to go away with a couple of affirmations. No matter how embarrassing or shameful your trauma is, you have the power and potential to RISE UP and above the suffering.

Show Notes:

  • “Just get over” or “man up” – the worn out messaging that we have been taught.
  • There are many different types of trauma. It might be something big and obvious but breakups and failed businesses or tests are also equally important.
  • We end up hiding our shadows rather than working with them and moving through them.
  • Suppression vs. Leaning In
  • Peter Levine – “Waking the Tiger” – Animals process and clear their traumas somatically. As humans, we often skip this part and the trauma becomes trapped in the body.
  • Psychotherapy is great, but some healers don’t focus on the body.
  • Lesser known modalities – Somatic Experiencing, body work, dancing, to name a few.
  • These traumas are taking up space in our field, what are we capable of without that weight?


  • Pick up “Waking the Tiger”, read it, and do the exercises he recommends
  • Do this kind of work on your own at a low level and be safe. Big releases should be done under the supervision of trained professionals.
  • Join the Rising Man Fire Circles – a safe space to share your intimate life, traumas, and healing process